Executive Board

Coral Place
55 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario
L5R 3S6
Telephone: (905) 890-3235
Fax: (905) 568-5293


Executive Board – Officers

2016 – 2017

Sue Chen (Legal)

Dr. Frank Nhan (Chiropractic)

Tom Yen (Legal)

Clara So (Accounting)

Membership Director
Lin Yong (Pharmacy)

Program Director (Professional)
Solomon Ko (Engineering)

Program Director (Social)
Alan Chan (Chiropractic)

Public Relations Director
Edmund Tin (Accounting)

Immediate Past President
Josephine Kiang (Legal)

Ex-Officio: Chairman of Advisory
Dr. Ken Ng


Executive Board – Section Representatives

Chinese Canadian Accountants Association (CCAA)
Edmund Tin
Clara So

The Society of Canadian Chinese Architects (SCCA)
David Sin

Chinese Canadian Association of Biomedical Professionals (CCABP)
Ellen Mak-Tam
Tony Wong
PC Chan

Chinese Canadian Chiropractic Society (CCCS)
Dr. Frank Nhan

Chinese Canadian Dental Society (CCDS)
Dr. Jonathan Ee
Dr. David Lee
Dr. Carmen Lo

Chinese Canadian Engineering Society (CCES)
Solomon Ko
Kam Pui Tang
Manfen Lau

Chinese Canadian Information Technology Association (CCITA)
Larry Chan
Noel Siao
Edward Wong

Association of Chinese Canadian Lawyers of Ontario (ACCLO)
Sue Chen
Josephine Kiang
Tom Yen

Chinese Canadian Medical Society (CCMS)
Dr. Eric Leong
Dr. Dennis Woo
Dr. Hank Lee

Chinese Canadian Pharmacists Association (CCPA)
Lin Yong
Janet Chong
Wendy Li

Chinese Canadian Physiotherapists’ Association (CCPTA)
Elliot Tse
Helen Lee

General Section
Kam Pui Tang

Young Professional Group
Teresa Tsui