1987 Award Recipient

Wong, George S.K., Ph.D. (Discovery of the True Speed of Sound)

Wong, George S.K., Ph.D. (National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario)
Discovery of the true speed of sound in air

Educational Background
Dr. George Wong, a graduate of Hong Kong Technical College, received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Manchester, England in 1965.

Career Development
Dr. George Wong joined the National Research Council of Canada in 1966 as an Assistant Research Officer and was promoted through the ranks to Senior Research Officer in 1979.

Major Contributions
Dr. George Wong is responsible for the maintenance of the primary acoustical standards in Canada.

His research work has substantially improved the precision of pressure calibration of condenser microphones.

Other Honorary
Dr. Wong is currently serving on numerous internationals national working groups as member or as conveyor.