Chinese Canadian Accountants’ Association



The Chinese Canadian Accountants’ Association (CCAA), originally formed in 1976, provides a medium for its members to share views and experiences. Its regular members include professional accountants and students from all three of Canada’s accounting bodies (i.e. CA, CGA, and CMA). Other financial professionals who have joined our Association include actuaries, bankers, and financial advisers.The CCAA is a member of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (FCCP). All members of the CCAA are also members of the FCCP. As part of the FCCP, each member enjoys the privileges of an FCCP member.



The Association sponsors/co-sponsors various technical and social functions throughout the year to provide members the opportunities to share their professional knowledge, network with each other and with other business associates, as well as community work.



Technical functions include tax seminars and workshops, accounting / auditing update seminars, microcomputer seminars and other professional activities.Social activities include Christmas parties, skiing outings, BBQs, networking receptions and dinners and regular sports events (eg. badminton, bowling). Other social events also include FCCP sponsored events such as the FCCP Annual Conference, Annual Ball, and the Dragon Boat Team.The CCAA also participates in community tax clinics which provide tax return preparation for low-income families.

As part of our commitment to communicate information on a timely basis, we publish a monthly newsletter which details past events and updates to events we are planning.



Past events that we have organized/participated in with the FCCP are:

  • Ski trip
  • Accounting-Legal Christmas Party
  • Golf Day
  • Badminton
  • Bowling Tournament
  • Community Tax Clinic for low-income families
  • Tax seminars/workshops
  • FCCP Annual Conference
  • FCCP Annual Ball
  • Dragon Boat Team