The General Section is a forum for all individuals who consider themselves a professional regardless of their chosen profession, career path or role within an organization. It is for individuals that do not fall within pre-existing or pre-defined sections of the FCCP (eg. Medical, Legal, etc.). This section is also for individuals who may want to branch out from an existing FCCP Section for the purpose of shared social interests or networking opportunities. We welcome new members from all professional fields. This would include, for example, banking, finance, politics, journalism, corporate management, business owners, athletes, artists and musicians.



As a forum, the General Section serves two purposes: One is that it serves to incubate new startup sections for the FCCP. For example, if there are sufficient numbers of Investment Bankers within the General Section, then at some point, they may want to establish an Investment Banking Section. This would be a stand alone section outside of the General Section, but part of the FCCP as a whole.The second purpose of the General Section is to serve as a collective voice for its members. As a collective voice, we are much stronger and louder than an individual one. What brings us together is our collective identity, ethnic background, a shared culture and over 30 years of history under the FCCP banner. Beyond the FCCP, our history and origins in Canada can be traced back from building the rail road, to the Head Tax, to the Exclusion Act, to fledgling Chinese communities, and from cheap labour jobs, to restaurant owners, to educated professionals, to captains of industries and leaders. Outstanding individual achievements such as becoming Governor General would not be possible without collective achievements. Collective achievements like full citizenship rights in 1947 were the result of solidarity and mutual support.

To effectively achieve the goal as a strong collective voice, we seek to attract members who have attained a certain level of success at the upper end of their profession. We strive to be an organization of choice for high achievers and elite professionals. Furthermore, we endeavour to grow and continue to move upstream in our membership. We believe quality has a direct relationship to our credibility and effectiveness to influence the political and social agenda of the day. To this end, our goals may include:

  • To be the voice of authority on important political issues or matters relating to our culture/community
  • To be consulted and our opinions sought by decision makers
  • To be on the government’s radar in general
  • To be visible in the community and supporting worthy causes

As part of a larger entity, members have the opportunity for greater exposure and recognition – which may be used to further ones own ventures or career ambitions. However, being part of a larger entity also carries certain obligations and responsibilities. Among them, members have an obligation to act with integrity, honesty and in an ethical manner in both to their personal and professional life. Furthermore, they must not engage in any conduct involving deceit, misrepresentation or commit any act that reflects adversely on their credibility and that of the FCCP. Members have a duty and a vested interest to hold themselves to a higher standard. In doing so, the member and the FCCP have the ability to mutually enhance their credibility, integrity, reputation and value.

To become a member of the General Section, please contact Kam Pui Tang.