Chinese Canadian Pharmacists’ Association



Chinese Canadian Pharmacists’ Association, originally named CCPC Ont. (Canadian Chinese Pharmacists Club, Ont.),  was founded during the period of 1977 to 1978. A group of enthusiastic Chinese Canadian pharmacists got together and held meetings regularly, mostly in evenings after work in the I.S.C. of U of T, discussing the importance and need of establishing an organization of our own. (According to Mr. Ivan Mok, our past president from 1980-83) CCPA was officially established in 1978. Mr. Frederick Li was the first elected president. In 1983, we joined the Federation (Ontario) of Chinese Canadian Professionals (FCCP) and became one of the sections. On July 23, 1989, CCPC was officially renamed CCPA (Chinese Canadian Pharmacists’ Association).



  • To bring together pharmacists working in various fields such that they can share their experiences.
  • To provide for and encourage the sharing of information and promote communication among members.
  • To serve as a voice on matters of social and cultural concerns of Chinese Canadian pharmacists.
  • To increase awareness of the essential role of pharmacists in the Chinese community.
  • To contribute to the community and promote the pharmacy profession.



Our Association is affiliated with the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals [Ontario] (FCCP) as one of its Professional Sections. Thus, members of CCPA are also members of FCCP. This arrangement enables us to participate in a variety of activities organized by FCCP and to mobilize their resources, if necessary. We, however, operate under our own bylaws and have full organizational autonomy.


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