Young Professional and Student Group (YPSG)



In 2013, the Student Chapter of FCCP was expanded to include young professionals, the “Young Professional and Student Group” (YPSG). The YPSG was created to provide ongoing access to FCCP activities and networking opportunities while students transition from undergrad to higher education or to new careers. At the same time, FCCP recognizes the benefits of attracting and supporting students and young professionals who will become members and potential leaders within FCCP. The framework was established to encourage inter-disciplinary collaboration through the young professional liaisons (YPL) representing various FCCP Sections.


YPSG Objectives

  • Attract and engage students and young professionals. FCCP membership is encouraged but not mandatory.
  • Foster collaboration across all FCCP Sections through young professional liaisons (YPL).
  • Form a YPSG Board to plan activities of common interests.
  • Collaborate with the FCCP Social Committee.
  • Have representation on the FCCP Board.
  • Uphold the general principles and goals of the FCCP and its Constitution and By-laws.


Young Professional Liaison (YPL)

  • Is a current member of a FCCP Section.
  • Has an interest to develop mentorship and leadership skills.
  • Fosters collaboration across all FCCP Sections in planning joint events.
  • Serves on the YPSG Board as an advisor.
  • Represents YPSG at FCCP Board meetings.
  • Maintains and updates the FCCP Facebook.


For information please contact Ms. Juliet Cheung or Dr. Alan Chan.