Chinese Canadian Physiotherapists’ Association



The Chinese Canadian Physiotherapists’ Association (CCPTA) was established by a group of enthusiastic Canadian physiotherapists of Chinese descent. It has officially become a professional section of the FCCP in January 2004.



  • To foster excellence in practice and professional advancement of Chinese Canadian physiotherapists.
  • To serve as a unified voice for Chinese Canadian physiotherapists on matters of professional and cultural concerns.
  • To provide the sharing of information among the members and encourage the interaction among the Chinese Canadian professionals.
  • To serve as a resource on health, fitness and wellness issues particularly related to the Chinese Canadian community.


Who are Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapy is a health care profession directed at evaluating, restoring and maintaining physical function. The profession of physiotherapy in Canada can be traced back to almost a century ago when Esther Asplet, the first Canadian physiotherapist, arrived from England in 1909. Currently in most parts of Canada, a Baccalaureate degree is required prior to acceptance into a university-based physiotherapy undergraduate program. By 2010 or sooner, Canadian universities will offer physiotherapy programs only at the level of a professional Master’s degree as it will be the entry-level for the physiotherapy profession across the nation.

After graduating from the university, physiotherapists are required to successfully complete the Physiotherapy National Examination prior to independent practice. Physiotherapists are primary health care practitioners licensed by their respectively provincial/territorial regulatory board and can assess and treat a client without a physician’s referral.

Physiotherapists are recognized experts in physical rehabilitation who are essential members of the client-centered health professional team. Physiotherapists play important roles in various specialties such as orthopaedics & sport medicine, surgery, cardiology, respiratory, neurology, paediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics & gynecology, burns, oncology, psychiatry, and community health. Physiotherapists treat clients of all ages with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. We provide treatment in hospitals, clinics, homes, schools and workplace settings.