Chinese Canadian Teachers Association



The Chinese Canadian Teachers Association (CCTA) is the Education Section of the FCCP. Its member include:

  • educators
  • administrators
  • researchers
  • professors
  • certified teachers (primary & secondary)



The goals of theĀ  section, apart from theĀ  promotion of quality education, include the development of multi-culturalism and multi-linguism in the Canadian Mosaic.



  • A members should be a certified teacher(hold a B.Ed., certified through the Ontario College of Teachers, or be enrolled in a Faculty of Education)
  • A member may be someone who is interested in teaching or the teaching profession
  • Membership is also extended to staff at the administrative, research and university levels.
  • A member may be designated a member through honorary membership status.



In order to achieve these goals, the Education Section is constantly involved in the following activities:

  • curriculum development & publication
  • teacher training
  • educational conferences
  • parent seminars
  • community events

Many of our FCCP members are also actively involved in the Chinese Lingual Cultural Centre of Canada, founded in 1980 which has since become an important institution for professional educators, who are concerned with the development of Chinese Curriculum and culture. The Education Section has been very successful in organizing a National Conference every other year.