Chinese Canadian Association of Biomedical Professionals



The Chinese Canadian Association of Biomedical Professionals (CCABP) was established in 1984 by a group of Chinese professionals in biomedical science disciplines. Our membership includes clinical chemists & scientists, laboratory technologists, biophysicists, industrial/pharmaceutical professionals, microbiologists, forensic scientists/technologists, researchers and university professors. Chinese Canadian professionals and students in other fields of biomedical sciences not mentioned above, as well as non-Chinese biomedical professionals are also welcome to join our organization as full, student or associate members respectively.



  • To promote the advancement of biomedical sciences among Chinese Canadians and to enhance their roles and contributions to the society at-large
  • To promote and encourage cooperation and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge amongst biomedical professionals by providing a social and professional network
  • To provide a forum for the expression and exchange of ideas on matters of concern to Chinese Canadian biomedical professionals
  • To encourage and promote professional education and development in biomedical sciences amongst Chinese Canadians



Our Association is fully affiliated with the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals [Ontario] (FCCP) as one of its Professional Sections. Members of CCABP automatically become members of the FCCP and enjoy all benefits associated with the membership. Selected members of the CCABP Executive Council also serve on the FCCP Executive Board and the Education Foundation. The arrangement enables us to participate in a variety of social and professional activities organized by the FCCP, and to mobilize their resources when necessary. The representation at the FCCP Executive Board allows us to express our views equally and to take part in any decision making process. We, however, operate under our own Bylaws and have full autonomy as an independent organization.



Since 1984, our Association has held many educational and social events, independently or in conjunction with other organizations such as the FCCP, CCMS, CCPA and the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America, to name a few. In recent years, we have enjoyed many successful events such as the Annual Scientific Symposiums, weekly Tai Chi and recreational badminton, summer picnics/outings and Christmas Parties. We have also been active participants of major FCCP functions and projects such as the Annual FCCP Conferences, FCCP Annual Balls, United-Way Walkathon, the Coral Place (low cost housing project) and other fund-raising activities. To encourage studies in biomedical sciences, we also sponsor a number of scholarships/prizes at local universities.