Before I was starting my undergraduate studies in architecture, I was worried about the financial implications of attending school and affording overwhelming new materials, technology, and supplies required in class. I am thankful for FCCP and their interest-free loan, which have supported me and allowed me to focus on studies, creativity, and collaborations with people of many diversities throughout my academic career. I have enjoyed learning about architecture and am still passionate about the field. I could not have done this without the incredible help of FCCP from the very beginning. Thank you very much, this has meant a lot to me.

Iris, August 2022

I would like to give FCCP a sincere thank-you for their generosity in granting me an interest-free loan.  It made a significant impact to my university education, as I could focus on enhancing my academic performance and leadership skills instead of worrying about affording school.  The FCCP’s investment in me made my final school year much less stressful; it was comforting to know that someone wanted me to succeed and was willing to help me.  I recently graduated, and now work full-time in my field of study as well as actively volunteer in the arts and civic tech.  Thank you again for believing in me!

Cindy, April 2016