Association of Chinese Canadian Lawyers of Ontario



The ACCLO is a non-profit organization for lawyers of Chinese descent in Ontario.  The ACCLO is the legal section of the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (FCCP) and was an original section of the FCCP.  Membership is voluntary and a modest fee is payable annually to renew membership.  The ACCLO has no political platform per se.  The ACCLO is an easy way for our members to network, socialize and share any ideas or questions.  The ACCLO membership list, available for members, provides a resource for referrals among our members.

The ACCLO is often asked to comment or send representatives to comment upon various ethnic/diversity issues by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The ACCLO has also been contacted on an ad hoc basis to comment on certain issues relating to the Chinese or minority lawyers.

In 1998, one of our long-time members, Madam Justice Wailan Low, was appointed to the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, Ontario. Madam Justice Low was also the guest of honour at the FCCP’s 1999 Chinese New Year Ball.



Our Association is affiliated with the Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals [Ontario] (FCCP) as one of its Professional Sections.  Thus, members of ACCLO are also members of FCCP.  This arrangement enables us to participate in a variety of activities organized by FCCP and to mobilize their resources, if necessary.  We, however, operate under our own bylaws and have full organizational autonomy.


Board of Directors

Ken Jim

Josephine Kiang

Roslyn M. Tsao

Media Contact
Gerald Chan

Executive Members
Sean Zhang, Jeffrey Lem