1989 Award Recipient

Ling, Victor, Ph.D. (Cancer Research)

Ling, Victor, Ph.D. (Ontario Cancer Institute at Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario)
Significant contribution in cancer research

Educational Background
Dr. Ling obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto and Doctor of Philosophy degree from University of British Columbia.

He received further research training with internationally renowned Professor F. Sanger at Cambridge, England.

Career Development
Dr. Ling has been Staff Scientist of the Ontario Cancer Institute since 1971 and is presently Professor in Medical biophysics at University of Toronto.

He has published over 90 research papers in prestigious scientific journals and given numerous lectures at conferences and universities worldwide.

He is also Associate Editor of Cancer Research, an international journal on the subject.

Major Contributions
Dr. Ling has received considerable international acclaim for discovering a protein called p-glycoprotein, which is responsible for resistance to chemotherapy in cancer patients.

P-glycoprotein has structural features of an energy-dependent pump and is thought to be the mechanism by which diverse anti-cancer drugs are actively cleared from cells that have developed resistance.

This protein pump has been found on the surface of almost every cell, from bacteria to man.

The presumed function of this pump is to defend a normal cell against toxic substances, but cancer cells may overproduce this protein to gain resistance to anti-cancer drugs.

Dr. Ling’s discovery is fundamental and has excited researchers in many fields.

Other Honorary
Among the many distinguished awards, Dr. Ling received over the years are:

  • C. Chester Stock Award from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Cancer Research Award from The Milken Family Medical Foundation in California.