2001 Award Recipient

Professor Suning Wang (Advanced Materials Chemistry)

Professor Suning Wang (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario)

Career Development
Professor Wang’s research focuses primarily on the application of chemistry in advanced materials. During her 11years of academic research, she has investigated how to use chemical methods to improve the synthetic procedures of a number of important materials, including copper-oxide based superconductors, magnetic materials, and luminescent materials.

Major Contributions
Her group has successfully developed several series novel molecular magnetic and luminescent materials. These materials have important applications in electronic industry such as memory storage devices or display devices.

Other Honorary
Professor Wang has published more than 100 research papers in peer-reviewed first-rate chemistry journals. She won the Queen’s National Scholarship in 1996 and became full-professor at Queen’s University in 2000. She was awarded the prestigious Rutherford Memorial Medal of Chemistry by the Royal Society of Canada in 2000.