2018 Award Recipient

Dr. Xueliang (Andy) Sun (Materials Engineering)

Dr. Xueliang (Andy) Sun conducts research in the area of Electrochemical Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage.  Dr. Sun’s is an internationally cited leader in his field with a focus on nanomaterials for electrochemical clean energy. The scope of Sun’s research ranges from fundamental science, to applied nanotechnology, to emerging engineering issues – with a unifying theme centered upon development and application of novel nanomaterials for energy systems and devices. An important aspect of his work is to understand the relationships between structure of materials and performance of energy with a goal of addressing the challenges in converting energy for storage in fuel cells, such as Li-ion batteries and Li-Air batteries.

Dr. Sun has been the Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at the University of Western Ontario since 2013.  He has received over $21,000,000 in research funding since 2004 and has authored 3 books, 17 book chapters and 314 peer-reviewed papers.  Dr. Sun holds 11 US patents and presents frequently at conferences.  Dr. Sun is also an excellent mentor, having trained over 90 emerging scientists since 2004.

Education Background:

1995 – 1999 Ph.D. Centre of Corrosion and Protection, Universityof Manchester (UK)
1987 – 1989 M.Sc. Dept of Physics, Tianjin Normal University (PRC)
1981 – 1985 B.Sc. Dept of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Tianjin University of Technology (PRC)

Awards and Recognition:

  • Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry Winner from Canada Chemistry Society (2018)
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, 2016
  • Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, 2016
  • Professional Achievement Awards from Cross-cultural Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC), 2016
  • Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, NSERC, Canada, 2013-2020
  • Distinguished Award 2015 for Novel Materials and their Synthesis, IUPAC International Conference on Novel
  • Materials and their Synthesis (NMS)
  • Engineering Prize for Achievement in Research for 2013 (Western)
  • University Faculty Scholar Award, 2010 (Western)
  • Canada Research Chair, NSERC, Canada, 2007 (renewal in 2012)
  • Early Researcher Awards (ERA), Ontario, 2006
  • Canada Funding for Innovation – Leaders Opportunity Fund Award, Canada, 2012
  • Canada Funding for Innovation – Leaders Opportunity Fund Award, Canada, 2007
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation – New Opportunity Award, Canada, 2006
  • New Research and Scholarly Initiative Awards, University of Western Ontario, 2009